The G&D Show Welcomes The Walking Dead’s ‘Merle’

The G&D Show Welcomes The Walking Dead’s ‘Merle’

by Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Fans of The Walking Dead will get lucky on St. Paddy’s Day when The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show, co-hosted by NEHW member Nathan Schoonover, will be interviewing Michael Rooker  (Merle Dixon) from the popular series. The show will air at 7 p.m. (ET) Sunday, March 17, and conclude just minutes before The Walking Dead’s Episode 314, “Prey,” premieres on AMC.

Rooker has had a long and extensive career in film and television peppered with credits such as Cliffhanger, The Bone Collector, The Dark Half, Jumper, Mallrats, and The 6th Day. Some may also know him as the title role in the controversial 1986 film Henry: Portrait of the Serial Killer or as “The Repo Man” in 2006’s Repo! The Genetic Opera.

In The Walking Dead, Rooker’s Merle, brother to Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon, had been left for dead at the end of Season 1, but made a surprising reappearance at the opening of Season 3. There’s been plenty of talking about it ever since, and fans of the show should find this interview—during which they can ask questions via the chat room—a great lead-in to the newest episode.

The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show has been around since February 2007, and over the years has featured guests such as Elvira, Doug Jones (The Silver Surfer, Hellboy), Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Keith Johnson (Ghost Hunters) and many more. The show was also the subject of a two-night special on A&E, Extreme Paranormal, in 2009. Nathan Schoonover and his co-host, Shaun Burris, have appeared on many television shows including Paranormal Challenge and My Ghost Story.

To hear Rooker on Sunday night and ask questions via The G&D chat room tune in at 7 p.m. (ET) by clicking here.

For more information and to listen to the show’s most recent episodes, visit

Craft Fairs, Vendors, and Grand Openings, Oh My!

Craft Fairs, Vendors, and Grand Openings, Oh My!

By Jason Harris

I started Saturday morning going to the Sleigh Bells Arts and Crafts Fair at Bacon Academy in Colchester, Connecticut. If Stacey and I weren’t operating a business, Books and Boos, the New England Horror Writers would have had a table or two at this craft fair.

You can read the Reminders article about this craft fair here.

The craft fair was bigger and had more vendors than the Tantasqua’s Holiday Craft Fair last Saturday. The school had vendors in the hallways, cafeteria, and even into the library. There were some interesting vendors who I talked to about bringing their wares into Books and Boos.

2012-12-08 09.22.41

Re-use of Misdirected Flatware owned by John M. Gilchrist ( Photo by Jason Harris.

2012-12-08 09.24.25

Mice made from forks by John M. Gilchrist. Photo by Jason Harris.

There were also a woman, Tracy Fowler, who worked with leather. She made items like wallets, belts, and knife sheaths. Her business, WarEagle Leather Works, located in Windsor, Connecticut.

2012-12-08 10.10.10

Belt buckles made by Tracy Fowler. Photo by Jason Harris.

2012-12-08 10.10.17

Photo by Jason Harris.

2012-12-08 10.12.21

Hair accessories created by Tracy Fowler. Photo by Jason Harris.

The reason I went to the holiday craft fair was to help out the Bacon Academy’s students by purchasing two boxes of their homemade cookies for the grand opening celebration at Books and Boos. The celebration included a reading and signing of Bad Apple by Kristi Petersen Schoonover and the giving away of a new copy of The Priest of Blood by Douglas Clegg with the purchase of $5 or more.

2012-12-08 03.39.47

Author Kristi Petersen Schoonover reading from Bad Apple. Photo by Jason Harris.

2012-12-08 03.40.37

Photo by Jason Harris.


Members of the New England Horror Writers: Jason Harris, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, and Stacey (Longo) Harris. Photo by Nathan Schoonover.

The NEHW at the Queen City Kamikaze Convention

NEHW Members Appearing at Anime and Video Game Convention

by Jason Harris

On Saturday, Feb. 18, members of the New England Horror Writers’ organization will be appearing at the Queen City Kamikaze Anime and Video Game convention at the Manchester Memorial High School in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The NEHW will have three tables where authors’ Stacey Longo, Rob Watts, Tracey L. Carbone, K. Allen Wood, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Alyn Day, and Scott Goudsward will be selling and signing their books. The Demonhunter a.k.a. Nathan Schoonover will be on hand to talk about being a paranormal investigator for almost 20 years.

Some of these members will be on two panels: Trends in Horror: From the Apocalypse to Zombies: Where is Horror Heading? and Women in Horror. These panels will happen from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. More information about who will be on these two panels will be announced soon.

The convention starts at 10 a.m. and runs into 7 p.m. For more information about the convention, click here.

Author Talks about the Writing Craft

Stacey Longo’s account of speaking to a high school class about writing.

Stacey Longo talking about writing to a class of students (photo courtesy of Kim Kane)

On October 24th, I had the opportunity to speak at the ACT Arts Magnet High School in Willimantic, CT. The topic was Writing as a Craft and an Industry. I opened with a little background about my own writing career and my roots as a humor columnist. After listing my credentials, I explained how hearing Shroud publisher Tim Deal present at a Poe Celebration two years ago inspired me to jump from humor to horror. I also admitted that while I sell short stories about zombies, decapitations, and carnivorous beach dunes, my blog focuses on the humor to be found in every day life, from the perils that come with trying to raise two cats to the agony of eliminating the fish smell in the house two days after you’ve cooked cod for dinner.

My advice to these kids was simple:

1. Write all the time, about anything that strikes your fancy.
2. Read more than you write.
3. Read On Writing by Stephen King.
4. Know your market and what’s selling.
5. Read submission guidelines and follow them.
6. Keep your day job to support your writing habit.
7. Never, ever mistake the Twilight series for quality writing.

We held a short Q&A session in which the students had several questions, such as “Have you really met Nathan Schoonover?” and “Where does Nathan Schoonover live?” followed by the more serious question, “How serious is Nathan Schoonover’s relationship with his significant other?” I had foolishly forgotten how popular this paranormal investigator is with the teenage female demographic before
including him in my ‘Look at all the Cool People You Will Meet’ portion of my PowerPoint.

I left the kids with a short story I’d written about them and a stress ball with my website ( And at the very end of class, one shy girl named Sam asked me if she could send me a short story she’d written about a lonely disemboweled zombie for feedback.

It makes me proud to see the youth of America so inspired!

Paranormal Investigator at Hebron Harvest Fair

Paranormal investigator Nathan Schoonover, host of A&E’s Extreme Paranormal and one half of the Ghostman & Demonhunter radio show ( will be appearing at the New England Horror Writers’ organization’s booth at the Hebron Harvest Fair this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Watch Schoonover’s bio on YouTube ( and check out his website

NEHW at the Hebron Harvest Fair

The Hebron Harvest Fair starts Thursday, which is only days away. The New England Horror Writers’ organization will have a booth there. The members manning the booth will be Jennifer Yarter-Polmatier, Stacey Longo, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Nathan Schoonover, T.J. May, Dan Keohane, Danny Evarts, Dan Foley, Kurt Newton, Nathan Wrann, Raven Starr, Ron Winter, Greg X. Graves, Scott Goudsward, and K. Allen Wood.

Check out the fair’s website,, for information on times, entertainment, vendors, and concessionaires.