Three Reasons to Attend Necon

Three Reasons to Attend Necon

by Jason Harris

I have been going to the Northeastern Writers’ Conference (Necon) for over 13 years. I can’t believe it’s been over a decade since my first one. Since I started going in the late 90s, I haven’t missed a year. I have been going to this convention longer than I have known my wife, who I have gotten hooked on Necon as well. It’s funny that it took a friend from Florida to introduced me to Necon since this convention is based in New England; a place I have lived my entire life.

1. The first reason to become a Necon camper is to meet fellow writers or fellow readers if you are not a writer. Here are a few writers that have attended the convention in the past: Stephen King, F. Paul Wilson, Peter Straub, Rick Hautala, Christopher Golden, Neil Gaiman, Craig Shaw Gardner, Tracy L. Carbone, Stacey Longo, Dan Keohane, Wraith James White, Brian Keene, Simon Clark, James A. Moore, Weston Ochse, and Jack Ketchum.

2. The second reason is to learn about the publishing industry and upcoming trends. Every Necon, there are always panels with varying topics such as e-books, young adult horror, trends in horror, vampires, zombies, and movies to name a few that have been held at this convention. The e-book topic is fitting since Necon E-Books was announced at Necon 30. Check out the selection of e-books here.

3. The third reason is to pick up more books and have the authors sign it. On Friday night during Necon, there is a “Meet the Authors” event. This is the time where you can get books that you brought signed. Or you can buy a book direct from the author. There is no better way to potentially meet the next Stephen King. And when they do become famous, you can tell your friends that you met and talked with the author at Necon. Your friends will be very jealous.

The NEHW table at Necon’s Authors’ Night. Photo by Jason Harris.

There are more reasons to attend Necon, but the main three are found above. Once you attend, you will find out the other reasons why this convention is so great. When you decide to go, just write on the registration form that Jason Harris referred you. You won’t regret it.

Necon happens in Rhode Island every July. For more information, click here.

Author Dan Keohane’s Experience at the Hebron Harvest Fair

Author Dan Keohane’s (Margaret’s Ark) write-up of his time at the Hebron Harvest Fair:

“I had an amazing time on Thursday night and Friday at the fair, working the NEHW table. Thursday might have been damp and raining, but lots of people came out, more so on sunny Friday. The pre-advertising paid off, as a number of folks searched us out. The concept of an organization of New England writers, though not foreign to all of us, was a new concept for many and we had a lot of great discussions on the topic, and showing folks the wide variety of styles, from novels to story anthologies to comics. One major and effective tool were photocopies of Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s short stories, which Stacey Longo handed out to people passing by. We even had someone come back looking for her to tell her how much she loved the story. Writers: think of this next time (I will for sure), it was a great giveaway item! Again, special thanks to Jason Harris and Stacey Longo for opening their home to us all, and for working tirelessly even weeks beforehand to make this an extremely enjoyable time for everyone.

NEHW at the Hebron Harvest Fair

The Hebron Harvest Fair starts Thursday, which is only days away. The New England Horror Writers’ organization will have a booth there. The members manning the booth will be Jennifer Yarter-Polmatier, Stacey Longo, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Nathan Schoonover, T.J. May, Dan Keohane, Danny Evarts, Dan Foley, Kurt Newton, Nathan Wrann, Raven Starr, Ron Winter, Greg X. Graves, Scott Goudsward, and K. Allen Wood.

Check out the fair’s website,, for information on times, entertainment, vendors, and concessionaires.