Rhode Island Comic Con 2022 Part 3

By Jason Harris

Jason Lee.
Predator vs. Alien.
Maleficent and Sally.
Moon Knight.
The Spider people.
Gary the BBQ Chef.
Loki and Wanda.
The Mandalorian.
Toad and Velma.
Peter Weller.
Mitch Pileggi.
Starlord and Gamora.
Author R.K. Bentley.
A Dalek with the Doctor.

Super Megafest 2022 Part I

By Jason Harris

Dee Dee Benrey.
Vic Mignogna.
Greg Evigan,
Dana Hee.
Deborah Foreman.
Ari Lehman.
Thomas G. Waites.
Robin Lord Taylor.
Tony Ganios and Charles F. Rosenay.
Ruby Rinekso.
Richard Masur.
Hal Havins.
Ross Marquand.
Heather, owner of Salty Jewelry for Assholes.

More Pictures from Rhode Island Comic Con

More Pictures from Rhode Island Comic Con

by Jason Harris

NEHW member Rick Silva at his Dandelion Studios table at Rhode Island Comic Con.

Author Stacey Longo behind the NEHW table, which had a different set-up on Sunday.

Author Rob Watts with Psylocke.

Actors Felix Silla and Gil Gerard at the Buck Rogers panel.

Gil Gerard