Author Donating Story Sales to Brain Cancer Research

68d36afb2fcfda3ae627830b8e3ce9a5cfc6e322Author F.R. Michaels is donating the sales of his short story, “Pale Pink Walls and White Furniture,” to brain cancer research. It was published on April 26 and is available for $0.99 on Smashwords, which gives this description of the story a “man awakens to a series of disturbing disjointed illusions, revealing, piece by piece, a hideous truth that will blur the lines between consciousness and oblivion, sanity and madness, and life and death.”

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An Author’s ‘Jumble’ of Stories

Author and NEHW member Dale T. Phillips has published Jumble Sale, a story collection containing 20 previously published tales. These stories are from different genres: science fiction, crime, fantasy, horror, humor, magic realism, and mainstream.

According to the book’s description on Smashwords, “there are fractured fairy tales, cautionary parables, peeks into disturbed minds, and amusing little romps. Everything from people with problems to giant lobsters, demonic creatures, small-time gangsters, and perverted dwarves.”

Phillips said his collection will “give you a shiver of frisson or a chuckle, or a chance to think about the world in a new way. Come take a sip from the dark myth pool of the human psyche, and taste a strange wine.”

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Author’s ‘Aftershocks’ Available in New Anthology

Author’s ‘Aftershocks’ Available in New Anthology

by Jason Harris

Author and New England Horror Writer member, Craig D.B. Patton’s story, “Aftershocks,” appears in the new anthology, Future Imperfect: The Best of Wiley Writers 2. The collection is edited by Angel McCoy.

According to Patton’s website,  the anthology “contains the best science fiction, horror, and fantasy work published by Wily Writers in 2010.”

Find out about the Wiley Writers on its website.

Future Imperfect can be ordered from Amazon. The e-book version of the book can be purchased through Smashwords.