A Book Suggestion for the New Year


It’s December 31, the last day of 2014. What do you plan to do in 2015? If you are a reader, I would suggest the anthology, Insanity Tales. It’s a collection of work by five authors: David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, Vlad V., and Ursula Wong. 2014-10-03 12.13.50Insanity Tales includes a foreword by award-winning author Jonathan Maberry (Rot & Ruin) and published by Books & Boos Press. Be prepared to enter a world of madness as you read these nine tales of twisted psyches, peculiar people, and demons of the mind and spirit.

Anthologies are a great way to discover new talent, so order the paperback or e-book today by clicking here.

You can find out about Books & Boos Press here.


Author’s First Novel to Debut at Killercon

Author and New England Horror Writer member L.L. Soares first novel, Life Rage, will debut at Killercon in Las Vegas, happening from September 20 through 23. The novel is being published by Nightscape Press.

From the publisher’s website, “Sam Wayne is a psychologist who specializes in anger management. He’s very good at his job. Almost too good. In fact, he considers himself something of a miracle worker. A mad man is on the loose, ripping people apart with his bare hands. The police have no clues. Those who see him and survive never seem to make out his face. All except for one … Colleen has led a wasted life, bringing home a new man to her bed every night. Until that night. Witnessing her friend torn to pieces right before her eyes, she sees the murderer’s face clearly. She manages to escape, traumatized by what she’s seen, and keeps running until she falls into the arms of Jeremy Rust. An ex Hollywood playboy, Jeremy now hides out in a secluded beach house with his mysterious roommate, Viv. Viv has an insatiable hunger. Like Colleen, Viv never stays long with one partner. Because those who sleep with Viv never manage to live very long, once she finds the key to their soul. The number of murders keeps growing, until an eruption of rage begins to spread like an epidemic. Everywhere, crowds of people mindlessly rip each other apart. An event that will tie all these characters together in a final showdown of supernatural forces. But not everyone will survive the explosive fury of Life Rage!”

Life Rage will be available in trade paperback, and as an e-book for Nook and Kindle.

Author Releases First Novella

Author and New England Horror Writer member Bob Stearns recently released his first e-book novella, The Harvester, on Amazon. It’s a dark fantasy/horror/sci-fi adventure story and fully illustrated. 

Here is the novella’s description, “In the distant future, when man has learned to live in balance with the forces of the universe. When greed and corruption are but a memory and cooperation has defeated competition. A small boy goes missing and is presumed to have perished at the hands of an ancient evil. Unconvinced of this, the boy’s older brother sets out to find him and discovers the machinations of an unearthly horror”

Stearns is an artist and art teacher.

Click here to purchase the novella from Amazon.

NEHW Anthology Free for First Time

The New England Horror Writers’ first anthology will be free on Kindle for three days.

Epitaphs will be free from Sunday through Tuesday, through Amazon’s Kindle platform. It is normally $4.99. This is the first time this Stoker nominated anthology has been free since it was released as an e-book in February. To purchase, click here.

There will be an Epitaphs signing on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, Massachusetts, where most of the authors will be on-hand to sign the collection. This date is close to the one-year anniversary of the anthology’s release last October. This signing will be the first of its kind since it made its debut at last year’s Anthocon in New Hampshire where most of the authors in the book were there to sign it.

‘The Apocalypse’ Happened June 1

Author Nick Cato’s novella, The Apocalypse of Peter, was released June 1 by Damnation Books. It was edited by Tim  Marquitz and the cover art was done by Dawné  Dominique.

The book’s synopsis: “It’s the end of the world as you newer knew it. Seminary student Peter Barnes and his senior friend, Harvey Connor didn’t expect the last days to include neon meteor showers, unexplainable mutated creatures, or that they’d be housing an all-girl rock band.  Thinking they must be the last people on Earth, Peter’s understanding of all he had been taught becomes rapidly overthrown…especially when a young, ghost-like figure calls him and an offbeat army on a mission to go up against a most unusual foe.  Peter’s faith is thrown through the ringer as he gets closer to discovering just what it is that has turned the planet into a festering eye-sore of theological chaos.

Cato’s novella is available on e-book for $4.50 and in paperback for $12.89 on Amazon.