Pictures from Rock and Shock, Part III

Authors Kristi Petersen Schoonover, T.J. May, and Trisha Wooldridge at Vive Bene. Photo by Jason Harris.

NEHW members Kelli Jones and Matt Bechtel. Photo by Jason Harris.

NEHW members Sarah Gomes, K. Allen Wood, and L.L. Soares. Photo by Jason Harris.

Authors K. Allen Wood, L.L. Soares, and Mike Arruda. Photo by Jason Harris.

Authors K. Allen Wood, L.L. Soares, Mike Arruda, and Tracy Carbone. Photo by Jason Harris.

Author Deb Eskie. Photo by Jason Harris.

NEHW Director of Events Scott Goudsward. Photo by Jason Harris.

The woman on the left is a friend of author Chris Denmead (middle) who is talking to author Scott Goudsward (right). Photo by Jason Harris.

Don’t Ask. Photo by Jason Harris.

Author Trisha Wooldridge taking a trip back in time. Photo by Jason Harris.

Author T.J. May. Photo by Jason Harris.

NEHW members Trisha Wooldridge and Kristi Petersen Schoonover. Photo by Jason Harris.

Ryan Convery, director of Mourning Wood. Photo by Jason Harris.

Actor Sid Haig with NEHW member Stacey Longo. Photo by Jason Harris.

The NEHW at Rock and Shock

The New England Horror Writers will be appearing at Rock and Shock this weekend. There will be plenty of members manning the booth all weekend. They will be selling and signing their books.Epitaphs is one book in particular which will be on hand. It’s the first anthology produced by the NEHW. This Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of this collection being published. Here are the authors who have stories in Epitaphs that will be at the convention this weekend: Mike Arruda, Scott Goudsward, Stacey Longo, Paul McMahon, Kurt Newton, L.L. Soares, K. Allen Wood, and Trisha Wooldridge. Tracy L. Carbone, the editor of the anthology, will also be on-hand.

Other NEHW members, who will be at the convention, are Ashleigh Homon, Adam Cesare, Bracken Macleod, David Price, Gene Munson, Jason Harris, Jack Haringa, Jan Kozlowski, Kelli Jones, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Matt Bechtel, Patrick Rahall, Rebekah Murphy, Rob Watts, T.J. May, Paul Tremblay, Bob Booth, and Jennifer Yarter-Polmatier.

They will also be four panels that the NEHW members will be involved in. This is the second year the organization has been on different panels. This year on the Women in Horror panel members , Carbone, Longo, and Wooldridge will be joined by Heather Langenkamp of Nightmare on Elm Street fame and Lisa Marie of Sleepy Hollow and Mars Attacks! fame.

The other panels will be “Breaking into the Biz” with Harris, May, Bechtel, and Schoonover, and “Horror in the Movies” with Harris, Longo, Soares, and Macleod.

Pictures of the Necon Movie Panel

Pictures of the Necon Movie Panel

by Stacey Longo

Filmgoers Jason Harris, Nick Cato, and Matt Schwartz during the Necon movie panel.

NEHW members Michael Arruda, L.L. Soares, Nick Cato, and Jason Harris preparing for the movie panel started.

Cinema Knife Fight writers Mike Arruda and L.L. Soares.

Cinema Knife Fight writers Michael Arruda and L.L. Soares.

DVD Snapshot writer Jason Harris and CKF writer Nick Cato.

DVD Snapshot writer Jason Harris and CKF writer Nick Cato.

Writers Craig Shaw Gardner, Jason Harris, Nick Cato, and Matt Schwartz.


The NEHW Presents Epitaphs this Saturday

Before the mass signing of NEHW’s inaugural anthology, Epitaphs, there will be a panel “The NEHW presents Its Inaugural Anthology and Introduces Some Contributors” at 4 p.m. this Saturday during Anthocon. After the panel, there will be a mass signing with most of the authors in the anthology.

The Epitaphs’ authors on the panel are Tony Tremblay, Kurt Newton, Trisha Wooldridge, Gard Goldsmith, David North Martino, Roxanne Dent, Christopher Golden, Stacey Longo, and Jeffrey C. Pettengill. Editor Tracy L. Carbone will be moderating the panel.

Here is the list of the authors who will be at the signing:

Brian Adrian White

Tony Tremblay

Kurt Newton

Steven Withrow

Christopher Golden

Paul McMahon

Dave Goudsward

Trisha Wooldridge

Gard Goldsmith

David North Martino

Steve Dorato

Roxanne Dent

John Grover

Holly Newstein

Scott Goudsward

Rick Hautula

Peter N. Dudar

K. Allen Wood

John Goodrich

John McIlveen

Stacey Longo

Jeffrey C. Pettengill

LL Soares

Mike Arruda

Editor Tracy L. Carbone will also be on hand to sign the collection.

The anthology was available on Amazon, but has been pulled for the time being for some technical changes. Stay tuned here for the announcement when it returns to Amazon.