Pictures of Necon’s Authors’ Night

Pictures of Necon’s Authors’ Night

by Jason Harris

NEHW Co-chair Stacey Longo and member L.L. Soares.

The NEHW table during Necon’s Authors’ Night.

Author L.L. Soares.

Authors and NEHW members Nick Cato and K. Allen Wood at Authors’ Night.

The view in front of the NEHW table at Authors’ Night.

Authors K. Allen Wood and Stacey Longo at the NEHW table at Necon 32.

NEHW Director of Events Scott Goudsward.

Author and NEHW member Peter N. Dudar signing a copy of his book, A Requiem for Dead Flies.

Mark Angevine and F. Paul Wilson conversing during Necon’s Authors’ Night.

David Bernstein talking with author Jeff Strand during Authors’ Night.

Author and NEHW member Laura Cooney.

Author and NEHW member John McIlveen.

Artist and Illustrator Cortney Skinner listens to fellow Necon camper Mattie Brahen.

Author Lisa Mannetti tries to squeeze in-between authors Elizabeth Massie and Heather Graham.


Pictures from AnthoCon Part II

Authors Peter N. Dudar and L.L. Soares waiting for the Epitaphs' panel to start

Author R. P. Steeves hard at work

From left to right: Author Stacey Longo reading while author Trisha J. Wooldridge looks on at the Epitaphs' panel

Authors Jeffrey C. Pettengill (left) and K. Allen Wood (right) at the Epitaphs signing

Actor Michael Boatman with his copy of the NEHW's first anthology, Epitaphs.

Author Stacey Longo holding her Hiram Grange Award

Longo received the award for “Excellence in the Art of Cover Letterage and Animal Mutilation. You will have to ask her at one of her appearances about the cover letter story. The “animal mutilation” part of the award you can find out about by reading her story in Shroud magazine, issue #11.

The cover of Shroud magazine, issue #11

The mass Epitaphs' signing at AnthoCon 2011

Author Brian Keene hands a book to Author Christopher Golden during the Epitaphs' signing

Author Kristina Schram

Author Michael Bailey

Sarah Gomes at the Shock Totem table at AnthoCon

Pictures from AnthoCon Part 1

Author Stacey Longo and Actor Michael Boatman (Spin City, The Good Wife)

Shroud Publisher/Anthocon Creator Tim Deal

Author Tracy Carbone Moderating the Epitaphs' panel at AnthoCon

From Left to Right: Authors L.L. Soares, Peter N. Dudar, and Morven Westfield

Authors Stacey Longo and K. Allen Wood

Necon E-books founder Bob Booth Remembering His Friend, the Late Writer/Journalist Les Daniels

Authors Stephen Dorato and Tracy Carbone

Authors Christopher Golden, P. Gardner Goldsmith, and T.T. Zuma at the Epitaphs' panel

Authors Roxanne Dent, Jeffrey C. Pettengill, and David North-Martino at the Epitaphs' panel


The NEHW Presents Epitaphs this Saturday

Before the mass signing of NEHW’s inaugural anthology, Epitaphs, there will be a panel “The NEHW presents Its Inaugural Anthology and Introduces Some Contributors” at 4 p.m. this Saturday during Anthocon. After the panel, there will be a mass signing with most of the authors in the anthology.

The Epitaphs’ authors on the panel are Tony Tremblay, Kurt Newton, Trisha Wooldridge, Gard Goldsmith, David North Martino, Roxanne Dent, Christopher Golden, Stacey Longo, and Jeffrey C. Pettengill. Editor Tracy L. Carbone will be moderating the panel.

Here is the list of the authors who will be at the signing:

Brian Adrian White

Tony Tremblay

Kurt Newton

Steven Withrow

Christopher Golden

Paul McMahon

Dave Goudsward

Trisha Wooldridge

Gard Goldsmith

David North Martino

Steve Dorato

Roxanne Dent

John Grover

Holly Newstein

Scott Goudsward

Rick Hautula

Peter N. Dudar

K. Allen Wood

John Goodrich

John McIlveen

Stacey Longo

Jeffrey C. Pettengill

LL Soares

Mike Arruda

Editor Tracy L. Carbone will also be on hand to sign the collection.

The anthology was available on Amazon, but has been pulled for the time being for some technical changes. Stay tuned here for the announcement when it returns to Amazon.

NEHW’s First Anthology Now Available and the Planned Book Release Party

The first NEHW anthology, Epitaphs, is now available at Amazon ( The price is $12.99 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling.

The cover of NEHW

Amazon states, “the New England Horror Writers Association, in partnership with Shroud Publishing, are proud to debut its inaugural anthology, Epitaphs. The anthology is a compilation of some of the best dark fiction from both best-selling authors and up-and- coming writers throughout New England. Contributors include Christopher Golden, Rick Hautala, Holly Newstein & Glenn Chadbourne, LL Soares, Trisha Wooldridge, Kurt Newton, and more. The anthology features 26 stories and poems from the delightfully scary to the deeply macabre.

Epitaphs was edited by author Tracy L. Carbone and includes an introduction by award-winning author and publisher Peter Crowther, as well as a cover by Danny Evarts.

The table of contents in this chilling anthology is as follows:

Jeffrey C. Pettengill “To Sleep, Perchance to Die”
Paul McMahon “The Christopher Chair”
Kurt Newton “A Case of the Quiets”
Scott T. Goudsward “Build-a-Zombie”
John Goodrich “Not an Ulcer”
B. Adrian White “The Possesor Worm”
John M. McIlveen “Make a Choice”
Michael Allen Todd “The Death Room”
Rick Hautala “Perfect Witness”
Holly Newstein and Glenn Chadbourne “Stoney’s Boneyard”
Trisha J. Wooldridge “Kali’s Promise”
David Bernard “The Sequel”
David North-Martino “Malfeasance”
Stacey Longo “Private Beach”
Christopher Golden “All Aboard”
L.L. Soares “Holiday House”
Steven Withrow “Lines at a Wake”
K. Allen Wood “A Deeper kind of Cold”
P. Gardner Goldsmith “Alone”
Roxanne Dent “Pandora’s Box”
Michael Arruda “Chuck the Magic Man Says I Can”
T.T. Zuma “Burial Board”
John Grover “Windblown Shutter”
Stephen Dorato “Cheryl Takes a Trip”
Philip Roberts “The Legend of Wormley Farm”
Peter N. Dudar “Church of Thunder and Lightning”

Carbone, a New England native, has published several horror and literary short stories in magazines and anthologies in the U.S. and Canada. Her YA horror novel, The Soul Collector, will be released by Shadowfall Publications in late fall 2011. She is Co-Chair of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW) and a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA).

There will be a book release party for Epitaphs and a panel with a few of the authors from the anthology at AnthoCon, Nov. 11 through 13. There will be a special table for the anthology at the convention as well. Throughout the weekend, most of the authors in Epitaphs will be available to sign copies.

Presented by Shroud Publishing, The Anthology 2011 Conference will “showcase the imaginative talent in speculative fiction and art, with an additional focus on the convergence of images and literature,” according to the AnthoCon website (

The NEHW will also have a table where members can sell their books and other items at the convention.

The cover of Shroud issue #11

Like other cons, well-known writers will be on hand, among them Christopher Golden (Of Saints and Shadows), who will offer a reading and signing; Jonathan Maberry, who read from one of his new novels; and Jennifer Pelland, who will read from her debut novel, Machine. There will be an extensive dealer area which will feature books, films, artwork, comics, and more. There will also be a Juried Art Exhibit to include such shelf familiars as Ogmios (The Witches’ Almanac), Morbideus Goodell (Apex Digest, Maberry’s Vampire and Cryptopaedia), and Michael Bailey (who is also the editor of Pellucid Lunacy, an anthology of psychological horror and several novels).

“[AnthoCon] has some amazing authors, publishers and film people attending,” said Tracy L. Carbone, editor of Epitaphs, New England Horror Writers Association’s first official anthology. “It should prove to be the best new Con for horror folks out there.”

Jonathan Maberry (photo courtesy of the Anthocon website)

But what makes AnthoCon unique is its focus on the nine panels’ concentration on education for both writers and horror fans. For example, Reaching through the Veil will examine the channeling of myth, religion, spirituality and the collective unconscious in imaginative fiction; Getting Your Short Story Published with the Small Press will offer insight on finding, submitting, and selling your short story; Evil Jester Press Presents “Help! Wanted: Tales of On-The-Job Terror” will dissect the process of producing an anthology. Horror names Brian Keene, Rick Hautala, Cat Valente, Maberry, Joseph

Nassise, Pelland, and Golden will present I’ve Made It This Far, Now What?, using their paths to literary success to illumine what the process could be like for those in attendance.

Brian Keene (photo courtesy of Anthocon website)

Topics also go deeper with Writing Programs: from the MFA to Private Workshops. And Eric Red (The Hitcher, Near Dark) will present a lecture and workshop The Elements of Writing Horror and Thrillers for Films.

Aside from guests, vendors, and panelists, the event promises to draw a unique crowd to include film and book reviewers and magazine editors—like Peter Schwotzer, the man at the helm of Literary Mayhem ( who also reviews anthologies, lit-zines and books for Famous Monsters of Filmland and IMDB.

“I’m going mainly to meet a lot of authors I’ve met over the past couple of years in person. We correspond by e-mails, phone, Twitter, Facebook, etc., but it will be nice to meet face to face,” Schwotzer said. “All of the authors have been so kind and generous to me, it still boggles my mind that I actually correspond with my literary heroes.”

With so much to offer that seems to be different from what’s offered at other cons, this promises to be a great inauguration with long-lasting recurring potential—writer or fan, artist or reviewer, don’t miss out.

AnthoCon 2011 will be held at the Best Western Wynwood Hotel & Suites at 580 US Route 1 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, from Friday, Nov. 11 through Sunday, Nov. 13. For complete information on AnthoCon, including schedules, costs, and who will be there, visit