The Final Front and Back Covers for ‘Wicked Seasons’ Unveiled

The final front and back covers for the second New England Horror Writers anthology, Wicked Seasons, edited by Stacey Longo and debuting Nov. 9 at Anthocon have been released.

The cover was done by Mikio Murakami.

This is the second NEHW anthology and the first from NEHW Press.

Longo congratulates all of the contributors, and gives many thanks (and her unending gratitude) to Jeff Strand and Holly Newstein Hautala for providing the foreword and cover blurb, respectively.

You can read the TOC here.


Front and Back Covers Announced for New NEHW Anthology

The front and back cover of Wicked Seasons, the new New England Horror Writers anthology have been announced. They are by Mikio Murakami, who has done covers for Shock Totem magazine.

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Front cover of Wicked Seasons by Mikio Murakami.

The back cover by Murakami.

The back cover.

The table of content for the second New England Horror Writers’ anthology, which is being edited by Stacey Longo, is listed below.

Introduction: Jeff Strand

“Furious Demon” by Addison Clift
“The Basement Legs” by Robert DuPerre
“Hungry For More” by Michael Evans
“The Secret Backs of Things” by Christopher Golden
“Blood Prophet” by Scott Goudsward
“Three Fat Guys Soap” by Catherine Grant
“Chuffers” by Paul McMahon
“Spirits” by James A. Moore
“Bleedthrough” by Gregory Norris
“Lycanthrobastards” by Errick Nunnally
“To Chance Tomorrow” by Kristi Petersen Schoonover
“A Night at the Show” by Robert Smales
“The Girl Who Wouldn’t Break” by Lucien Spelman
“The Widow Mills” by Trisha Wooldridge

Wicked Seasons will be released at Anthocon 2013 in November.

The first anthology, Epitaphs, was published in October of 2011.

Shock Totem #5 Debuting in July

It was announced this week that the fifth issue of Shock Totem will be arriving in July. It was supposed to be released in January, but problems arose. According to Publisher K. Allen Wood, the delay was caused by the lack of good submissions. You can read about it here.

The cover for the July issue was also revealed. Check it out below. The cover was done by Mikio Murakami, who has done all the artwork for Shock Totem since issue #3.

Shock Totem #5

Shock Totem #5

Here is the Table of Contents:

* Taking Root by Mercedes M. Yardley (Editorial)

* In Deepest Silence by Ari Marmell

* Girl and the Blue Burqa by D. Thomas Mooers

* Digging in the Dirt: A Conversation with Jack Ketchum by John Boden

* Hide-and-Seek by F.J. Bergmann (Poem)

* Eyes of a Stranger by Nick Contor (Essay)

* Postmortem by Kurt Newton (5-Part Illustrated Micro-Serial)

* Jimmy Bunny by Darrell Schweitzer

* Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews)

* Little Knife Houses by Jaelithe Ingold (2011 Shock Totem Flash Fiction Contest Winner)

* Canon by Anaea Lay

* Bloodstains & Blue Suede Shoes, Part 3 by John Boden and Simon Marshall-Jones (Article)

* The Catch by Joe Mirabello

* Three Strikes by Mekenzie Larsen

* To ‘Bie or Not to ‘Bie by Sean Eads

* Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)

The issue will be available in print and digital formats. You can preorder the issue here.